These Costly Mistakes Should Not Occur with Medicare Insurance

These Costly Mistakes Should Not Occur with Medicare Insurance

I received a link from my office on a particular day that said a confused and desperate couple had come to seek help in getting Medicare Part D insurance. The office told me that the plan does not insure any of the expensive medications! Then I realized that the problem was greater than just speaking via a phone call and had to fix an appointment with them. I had no idea how big the problem was.

During the meeting, I began to ask questions as always, in a bid to comprehend what the problems were and how they developed. I discovered that the woman was using Medicare earlier this year because she had left her husband’s insurance. Let’s suppose that he is over 70 at the time. Obviously, she decided for herself to take out her coverage on the phone. At this point, I do not want to make any generalizations; However, many people who leave group insurance for the Medicare program should not do the process on their own! You will see why, if I continue with that horrible story.

I discovered that she was on a Medicare Part D drug plan and Medicare Supplemental Plans 2020 from as thinking about managing her expensive brand name drug. Now, the problem is that the drug costs more than $400 and, as most agents know, that will put it in the insurance gap.

Naturally, she did not know anything about it. Actually, she believed that the plan would stop supporting her drug. Just a brief comment here; Whichever genius that calculated the insurance gap, it should be necessary to give lectures for elders throughout the country.

While I was still asking for information, I discovered that in February she received a letter from her plan stating that she “had no real choice of drugs” in the past six years and that she did not show proof of “credibility”. “insurance” within 60 days, you must pay more 20 dollars a month, or 240 dollars a year. It was not as much fun as the husband requests a file on my application, and proof of insurance from his former employer was at the top of the file. He immediately called me to the plan and I found out that he was not in his hands from the deadline and I should file a complaint with Medicare. What a mess! If they had used a competent, independent and experienced agent!

However, whenever there is a termite, there is usually another or something of that nature. Then I had to ask for an extra blanket and, of course, they did not know what they had or what they had done.

I discovered a letter from an insurer claiming to have requested a supplemental Medicare N plan, but that I had lost a simple form to complete the process. Immediately, I called the company and you guessed it. There was no insurance! They never received the form and, therefore, were never placed correctly.If you receive something about your insurance in your email, you may want to open and do what is necessary.