Trump’s $300 benefit not enough help for many unemployed

It’s now been seven weeks since the millions of workers receiving unemployment benefits in this country stopped getting an extra $600-a-week in Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation payments, helping them to stay afloat and pay their bills. 

At the end of July, about 25 million jobless Americans suddenly lost the extra federal benefits from their weekly unemployment checks, leaving the typical recipient with $325-a-week on average across the country. 

That benefit (passed in the CARES Act) ran out after Congress and the White House failed to move a new stimulus bill forward to extend the payments. And as of this week, Congress and the White House are still deadlocked with no new stimulus bill likely to move forward before the November election. 

Meanwhile, it has been five weeks since President Donald Trump announced a partial, temporary replacement for those $600-a-week unemployment payments: a program he called Lost Wages Assistance. 

That unemployment

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