Quotes of Wisdom

I’m a lover of a good quote. If you had seen my dorm room, or the wall in front of my desk on my LDS mission, you probably would have thought I was a little crazy. Different colored Post-It notes and papers were splattered all over the wall, and written on each was some kind of motivational quote.
I may not have as many written out now days but I know that I can always use a little extra push to be better.
That’s one of the reasons I love this quote:
Quotes of Wisdom
In a world of competition, backbiting and stepping over people to get to a desired level, this may seem contrary to our everyday actions.
It has taken me a lot of years to learn this, and there may be moments when I still struggle with it. Being a competitive athlete, I thought that by admitting that someone was better than me was a sign of weakness, that it took away from my abilities and boosted that person up.
When I would hear a compliment about someone else, I would immediately go through my mind as to what talents, attributes or experiences I had that would put me “above” that person. It wasn’t until a few years ago that by using this type of thinking, it was making me into a person that I really didn’t care to be.
And then I received a very sincere compliment from someone that I respected very highly, someone that, in my previous thought, I would have put “above” me. And then it dawned on me that giving someone a compliment didn’t detract from me as a person. In fact, giving a sincere compliment was almost a small act of service for the person receiving it and for me in giving it.

Think about a day when you were having a really hard time and someone said something simple that made everything seem just a little lighter or happier. There are countless stories of people choosing not to take their own life or making a complete change for the good just because someone showed them a little respect, or even a little love.

One of the things that I’ve come to love is that we are all different, with amazing talents in all aspects of life. And without that diversity, we wouldn’t know that beauty can come in all forms.

So whether it is something small like a cute outfit or new eye shadow, or something bigger like a compliment to their particular talent, don’t hold back because you never know who is going to appreciate it!

What experiences have you had with a kind thought?

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